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Elite Healers Sports Massage - Providing Exceptional Massage Therapy in New York City
Elite Healers Sports Massage - Providing Exceptional Massage Therapy in New York City

Elite Healers Sports Massage - Providing Exceptional Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapist in NYC

Elite Healers Sports Massage provides Massage Therapy Services in New York City

About Elite Healers Sports Massage

Elite Healers Sports Massage, founded in 2019 in New York City by Adam Cardona, is a premier destination for those seeking the highest quality massage therapy. Recognizing the need for consistent and effective pain relief, Adam set out to establish a company that would deliver exceptional massage experiences. At Elite Healers, we prioritize providing consistent quality to our clients, ensuring they receive the care they deserve. Elite Healers is committed to helping individuals recover from the demands of life, whether they are athletes aiming to enhance their performance or individuals managing chronic muscle pains. Combining expertise, personalized approaches, and a focus on quality, Elite Healers Sports Massage has become a trusted destination for individuals seeking practical, therapeutic, and transformative massage experiences.

Our Team

 Olga Ilyukhina

Olga Ilyukhina

Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
Rank: Brand Standard Therapist

Olga Ilyukhina, an esteemed graduate of the New York College of Health Professionals, combines her Siberian heritage, where massage is a cornerstone of health, with her expertise in various therapeutic techniques. Raised in an environment where massage is integral to wellness, she brings a holistic approach to her practice.

As a dedicated runner and gym enthusiast, Olga deeply understands the specific needs and challenges faced by athletes, particularly runners. This personal experience enriches her 18 years of professional expertise in Plastic Surgery, Esthetics, and Massage Therapy. Her commitment to continuous education ensures that her clients, especially runners, receive the most effective and tailored treatments.

Olga's specialization in therapeutic massage encompasses a range of techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, headache relief, and myofascial release. These skills are particularly beneficial for athletes seeking to enhance their performance, recover faster, and prevent injuries.

Marcus Guess - Licensed Massage Therapist in New York City and Specialized in Orthopedic Massage

Marcus Guess

Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
Rank: Elite Massage Therapist

Marcus Guess, a distinguished graduate from Pacific College of Health & Science, excels in the field of Therapeutic Massage, & Sports Massage.

Specializing in Advanced Sports & Orthopedic Massage as well as Prenatal & Manual Lymphatic Drainage, he is a versatile and comprehensive health practitioner. With a passion for learning and a dedication to helping others, he aims to integrate different therapeutic techniques to accomplish individual client goals.

Marcus' professional journey is fueled by a commitment to health and wellness. His approach to massage therapy is not merely about relaxation, but a quest for better health, effective pain management, and improved quality of life. He believes that understanding individual needs and applying diverse therapeutic techniques are key to reaching personal health goals.

About Adam Cardona

Adam Cardona is the founder and leader of Elite Healers Sports Massage, with over 17 years of experience for his clientele. As a licensed massage therapist and certified personal trainer, Adam combines his expertise in bodywork, movement, fitness, and rehabilitation to provide top-quality massage therapy to his clients. Adam specializes in sports massage and medical massage, as well as deep tissue therapy, Swedish massage, and Cupping Therapy.

With a vision to provide consistent quality and effective pain relief, Adam established Elite Healers in 2019. His mission is to improve the quality of life for both athletes and non-athletes alike, helping them to reduce pain, increase energy, optimizing performance and aiding recovery.

Adam Cardona - founder and leader of Elite Healers Sports Massage in New York City

Our Mission 

Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of service and care. With our experienced team and dedication to quality, we strive to help individuals achieve optimal well-being through the healing power of massage therapy.

Our Massage Therapy Appointment Standards

Coming in for a massage treatment at elite healers sports massage is an experience greater than just having oil spread on your body; it’s about getting results that improve your quality of life. We have made it our goal and duty to provide a therapeutic experience rooted in anatomy, pathology, sports medicine, and massage therapy. Our team is trained to uphold the highest standards in medical massage and sports massage to give you a customized experience.

While each massage therapy treatment is different we make sure to practice the proper fundamentals in order to better understand your specific needs, so we can produce the highest quality results for you.

Before you get on the table to receive your first massage from us we will ask questions to get an idea of what is bothering you, the symptoms , how long it has been going on, along with any other relevant questions or basic assessment tests. We will also ask you a few relevant questions about your health history, to prevent accidents and maximize results.

We will keep an ongoing file (known as a soap note) so we can create value to you by knowing what we did on what day and how it progressed from before to after the session. This also allows us to come up with long term game-plans to help you move better, feel less (or no) pain and improve the quality of your life. Don’t worry we stay hipaa compliant and won’t reveal your private information.

All the information taken in the session not only allows your therapist to maximize the value of each and every session but also allows you to try different therapists but not have to explain to them every last detail, over and over again.

Embark on a transformative health journey with us.

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Sports Massage Therapist in NYC

Elite Healers Sports Massage serves clients across New York City, Manhattan, Astoria, Long Island City, Upper East Side, and other surrounding areas.

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