Today I want to talk to you about your feet and bunions. If you do not know what are bunions let me tell you right now. Bunions are when your big toe begins to shift or has already shifted toward the other toes.  Eventually, at the end of your big toe, a red bump will form at the base of the big toe.

It usually starts because we wear shoes and sneakers that have what is known as a closed-toe box. The toe box is the part of your footwear that surrounds the toes. A closed toe box will restrict your toes and over time cause the big toe and the little toe to shift inwards towards the middle three toes.  

Wearing this type of footwear starts to cause muscular imbalances that restrict the muscles from being able toe spread or moving like they naturally would if we lived barefoot or with open toebox shoes. 

Having your big toe come out of alignment with the rest of the foot is not only ugly to look at but it will also cause you to lose your ability to balance on one foot, because that toe acts as a stabilizer when standing on one leg. Not only that becomes an issue but you will lose your ability to run as fast as you can as well. This might not be as important to the average person, but if you are competitive then you want to have the best possible toe spread to maximize your speed. 

Now there are two types of bunions out there and they are functional bunions and structural bunions. 

Functional bunions start as muscle imbalances in the foot around the toes and are usually formed as a result of wearing footwear that doesn’t support your toes. At this stage with the right shoes, along with some physical therapy and medical massage therapy you can work on reversing it when it is just muscular imbalances. 

So if you think your bunions are due to muscular imbalances and you are in the New York City area, then schedule your massage on our website and get that medical massage in New York City ASAP.

Now Structural bunions are when not only is it a muscular imbalance but at this stage the bones in the toes are no long in proper alignment with the corresponding bones in the foot. At this stage, your bunion has become a permeant issue.  I mean you can always ask your doctor about surgery but that is when this gets messy, more painful, and more expensive just to have hope and a prayer of reversing it at this late stage. 

So now that we know what a bunion is let’s talk about how to fix those bunions when they are in the early stages.

So like I have mentioned before the best way to get rid of the bunions is to attack the problem from as many angles as possible. Each one of these ways may help to restore your foot but if you use each one of the ways to fix your bunions your are more likely to get the results you are seeking. 

  1. First start by having more space for your toes. This starts by going to the store or shopping online for “Open Toe Box Shoes” Here is a link to give you an idea to help you get started finding the right open toe shoe for you.

  2. Second thing you should do to correct your bunions is to get a series of medical massage  treatments to help release the imbalanced muscles in your foot.  Releasing those muscles in your foot will help to reset the muscles in that area.  Also, sorry to tell you but need a massage therapist. You can’t do this one on your own, the foot is too complex so you need a professional. Check out this video to learn about how massage treatment plans work. 

  3. The third thing you can do to fix your bunions is to sign up for physical therapy and spend a few weeks in physical therapy strengthening the weak muscles in the foot that need strengthening.   If you do both medical massage and physical therapy at the same time then you’ll strengthen weak muscles on one side of the joint and release the tight muscles on the other side of the joint. 

  4. The fourth thing you can do to fix your bunions ASAP before it’s too late is to spend a few hours a week barefoot with toe spreaders on. Now I am about to release a full video talking about my favorite brand of toe spreaders so stay tuned to the Elite Healers on our YouTube or Rumble channel for that video to come out but you can click the link to order my favorite brand for yourself.  Now how the toe spreaders works is you put them on while barefoot and you wear them for at least an hour at a time. Now I can go and wear a pair of toe spreaders for up to 12 hours at a time but I had to train myself to get used to it. I started at around half an hour a day cause that was all my feet could take and over a few months I trained myself to keep it on longer. 

  5. Now the fifth thing you can do to take care of your feet is to spend more time barefoot. Having your feet just barefoot if you are at home or you have a work situation that will allow it, then spend more time with your feet free and allow them to have their natural spread. A few hours a day with those toes liberated from the restrictive foot wear will help out a lot as this prevents the toe muscles from becoming imbalanced and it allows your toes to gain functional strength the way nature intended with our entire bodies.